Legal info pertaining to images in my newsletter only:

These images are Creative Commons Noncommercial NonDerivative ShareAlike (CC NC-ND-SA). This means you can use them as you like non-commercially, exactly as presented (you can't make any changes).  It's great if you want to give me credit for creating them by adding "Illustration by Anna Cosper" under the image when you use it. It's totally great if you also add CC NC-ND-SA and link it to But it's most important to me that you simply use the illustrations to brighten other peoples' days.

I won't sue you for sending it to someone who turns around and makes money off of it. I don't think we should spend energy worrying about that. If that happens, poop on that person - I can still make money off of them from this end, too! And hey - there will be more of my art out there interacting with the humans. Primo.

If you would like more information on how this works please visit